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Rage comics have recently took the internet by storm and if done well can be really funny.

Video I mentioned in class about the guy who invented artist personas for his show. As artists i think everyone should see this video, it says volumes about potential creativity and critiques a possible lack of creativity within the art world:

“TED Shea Hembrey: How I Became 100 Artists”

Max here, so my first presentation was on Cyriak, so i here is his site: I like the notion of cycling and patterns, theres something almost poetic in a sense of a full cycle so his work has always been very interesting to me. Below are a couple personal favorites, especially the one titled Cycles, that to me is one of the most elaborate.


“We Got More (ESKMO Music Video)”

“Cows & Cows & Cows”


Visit to see the ‘art project’ by Christophe Wachter and Mathias Jud. These two guys created this server that can break through the infamous Chinese firewall, the Golden Shield. They wanted to find a way to battle internet censorship and they were able to break through.

internet coffee sign

“One way to evade the firewall within China is to install a server or a proxy abroad. Foreign companies in particular benefit from this option. However, people who don’t have such connections abroad, most of them do not even own a computer, are hit by the restrictions even harder. Chinese censorship is disguised as a network problem, or the request is redirected directly to a dummy site. picidae allows us to compare websites from different regions. In this way the amount of censorship appears is exposed openly within China.”

my name is Joe Speier . I’m an artist. that lives and studies in Cincinnati, Ohio.

artist profile: Leo Gabin. He is represented by Peres Projects in Berlin, and we have very similar interests in regards to the internet and both make work in different ways about these things.

press release for one of his shows titled “whatever is clever”:
Leo Gabin takes inspiration from the proliferation of user generated media on the internet and the until now undefined space straddling the public and private realms. Themes of sex, violence and celebrity which dominate these users’ experiences are filtered though Gabin’s collage based aesthetic and confrontational means of production. Gabin captures images from their video mash ups to silkscreen onto their paintings and ultimately incorporate the acetate used to create the silkscreens in their collages and totem like sculptures.

This recyclical use of imagery and media draws on the very function of social media and the ownerless, shared content which it consists of. Created in a singular moment of violent, collaborative exertion, these works shed light on the social media space and our collective identities within it.For their first solo show at the gallery, Leo Gabin will present a new body of work consisting of paintings, collages, sculpture and video works.

Artist behind the visual novel, Cinders.

Zielińska has a very illustrative, vibrantly colored style that is explored outside of her digital painting media and into her webdesign.  She shows it is very important to display just what kind of artist she is as soon as the url has loading.  Clean, organized, and colorful.  The name “Vinegaria” instantly makes me think of vinegar, so something…zesty is to be expected in my opinion.  Although her work is colorful, her one work “Cinders” has a dark undertone.  The darker shadows of her work give off a vigorous bright color palette, but there is a more sinister feeling lurking in her works, like the holiday “Day of the Dead”.