I stumbled upon Greg Leuch while looking for internet artists.

Here’s his website: http://gleuch.com/

He has some pretty neat projects such as the Shaved Beiber project.
This project allows you to install a bookmark bar and whenever you’re on a page with Justin’s picture or even just his name, it will censor it out.

Also, he has the Dr.Google project which I thought was cool.
You go to the link, type in your symptoms, click on ‘I’m feeling icky’ and it will tell you what ails you. It’s a fun play on society’s paranoia and that we use google to solve all of our issues.
I was diagnosed with the common cold, then H1N1. I’m probably going to die.

Another project I really enjoyed was the Magma project.
Magma is a platform of popular and viral videos all in one place from different sources. You can find videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu. It’s a great resource to find what’s popular.

There are a lot more projects on his website, these were just my favorites. Check it out, he’s pretty bright!