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This is a project by Shelley Jackson. She collected video of about 2,000 people who permanently tattooed a word on themselves for her project. She then compiled them all together to tell a story.

I love the idea of the project, but I don’t like that she used the voices and the sound of the participants’ videos. I would rather have one person reading the words as they appear in the video.


Sorry I Haven’t Posted

A blog by Cory Archangel inspired by the random bloggings of bloggers who post messages about not blogging for a while.  These posts cover the comical to the near depressing posts about what keeps these bloggers from blogging.

King Candy gif

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I made a number of gifs featuring King Candy (Wreck It Ralph © Disney), the Mad Hatter (1951 Alice in Wonderland © Disney), and of various other characters. With the intent to show my work process in a traditional sense of using a pencil on paper, I edited the effects on the King Candy gifs to give an older, black and white feel similar to the atmosphere of old Walt Disney documentaries on animation.

A custom-made dating site is accused of “scraping” 1 million faces from Facebook. Artists Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico experimented on identity theft and basically claimed social sites are a joke. Social sites and advertisers are only about making money, we have been lured into their sites to basically become a pawn thinking we are making relationships, but really the sites are just about making money.

A video that I spliced together of Obama saying that we should invade Canada

Posting about my second presentation on webcomics:

First one is Hyperbole and a Half which fuses biography and personal blog. Allie (the author) accompanies anecdotal stories about her life (past and present) with rudimentary illustrations, which results in surprisingly relatable, comical and at times touching stories. Although it is hard to categorize it as “fine art” because it is truly literature at its core, her works have had a large popularity throughout the internet and is worth mentioning.
Her Blog:

Two of her very Widespread images

Next webcomic is Axe Cop, which has a pretty heavy reliance on its concept. The idea of Axe Cop is illustration by a 29 year old (Ethan Nicolle) and narrated by his 5 year old brother (Malachai Nicolle). Although Axe Cop hardly exists within a realm of “art” as a webcomic which is inherently conceptual it offers its own outlook on the genre.

Next is Dinosaur Comics which is a webcomic with an extensive history: originally started February 1st 2003, Ryan North the writer decided to work with the same image and to repurpose it for each comic. Totaling roughly 20 a month for the last 9 years and without using a different image for any, this webcomic has a sort of perseverance to it which is rare. It has a sort of conceptual merit behind it through its hard work and dedication.

1st Comic

The last is Garfield Minus Garfield a webcomic dedicated to the repurposing of garfield comics to reveal a more existential crisis through the removal of the character garfield. Similarly to conceptual art, this series takes an initial source and through their editing give it a greater purpose than it initially possessed. The end result are very “real” almost, as their mission statement: “Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.” These comics end up very human and identifiable and they change the relationship we the viewer have with Jon Arbuckle, who in a sense becomes us.

The This is It Collective is a group of designers/animators who have made a bunch of different videos. Their videos tend to have a simultaneous playful/unsettling/dark feeling, especially videos like:

“Dont Hug Me I’m Scared”

Their videos have a handmade and felt like look to them which gives the work an almost childlike feeling, but also have a high degree of craftsmanship and quality.

“Bad Things That Could Happen”

Artie Vierkant is an artist who does work in a physical medium as well as on the internet. His video pieces challenge our idea of perception.

A series of gifs in which there is a photo with one or more objects in the scene spinning. Some have an eerie feel to them because there is only one part moving when it feels that multiple parts should also be in motion.


These pieces really give off a feeling of surrealism there is something moving what by no means should be. But there is also something smooth and relaxing about it. The feeling contained in both the constant circular motion and the repetition as there are so many of these pieces. These pieces are valid as internet art not just because they are gif and therefore are only able to exist online but also they contain a deeper meaning.  An idea of time and space and what is going on at once and the adding something 3 dimensional to something that is 2 dimension by.