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This a group of modified images taken from Facebook. most of these images depict a couple together with their arms around each other. by modifying and adding a “cartoony” elements to these images i have made an attempt to highlight the absurd and “cartoonish” aspects of the ritual that these individuals are partaking in (posting a photograph to the internet of them performing an intimate action). This format of Facebook photograph is extremely present on the site. ——
the images i have made are more of an exercise for me, and i wouldn’t consider them finished works, but i plan on using some of them in printmaking or collage.












so i found out about these guys a couple years back but as most things do they fell out of the hole in my brain. but, yesterday a friend of mine mentioned them again and i thought they would be a perfect thing to share with you guys. Just scroll through their website, and you will get the basic idea of what their about. Their stuff is fun, funny, yet kindof overwhelming/disturbing and their work maintains a playful, organic nature while still being very much digital looking. chek it.

This is a little website i made to host a gif. For the aesthetic of the site i was inspired by my first website that i made when i was about 8. i

Favored bright background colors and colored fonts. This naive approach to site design, is something i am attracted to due to its relationship to outsider art.

The gif. was made using an image i took from Facebook of a couple girls performing the typical “Facebook Party Girl” ritual of posing for a photograph while wearing some average

party girl attire. I altered this photograph by morphing the forms and drawing on top of the image.


This artist made oil paintings on his iphone by rubbing his face with his phone and then drawing with his finger on the screen. i found this idea to be akin to a one liner. just look at it, laugh, and move on. the quick amount of time it takes to appreciate this content relates to the way in which we typically interact with things on the net.

A lot of blogs were referring to this piece as Post-internet art.

my name is Joe Speier . I’m an artist. that lives and studies in Cincinnati, Ohio.

artist profile: Leo Gabin. He is represented by Peres Projects in Berlin, and we have very similar interests in regards to the internet and both make work in different ways about these things.

press release for one of his shows titled “whatever is clever”:
Leo Gabin takes inspiration from the proliferation of user generated media on the internet and the until now undefined space straddling the public and private realms. Themes of sex, violence and celebrity which dominate these users’ experiences are filtered though Gabin’s collage based aesthetic and confrontational means of production. Gabin captures images from their video mash ups to silkscreen onto their paintings and ultimately incorporate the acetate used to create the silkscreens in their collages and totem like sculptures.

This recyclical use of imagery and media draws on the very function of social media and the ownerless, shared content which it consists of. Created in a singular moment of violent, collaborative exertion, these works shed light on the social media space and our collective identities within it.For their first solo show at the gallery, Leo Gabin will present a new body of work consisting of paintings, collages, sculpture and video works.