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She does all of her work with a sort of web cam aesthetic. However because it is purposeful and done with a specific idea in mind and critiques something in society it can be considered art. This is what separates it from the rest of the videos on the internet of girls dancing around their bedroom. It critiques the loss of privacy and how these people are giving up that privacy willingly to show on the internet.


This process of going through and picking out words from someone to construct your own thoughts or ideas is a very long process. However the way in which it is done is quite eyeopening. It gives you insight into that person in a way that watching or listening to that person over and over again can provide. Listening to someone for hours upon hours listening to how they talk and their mannerisms and although you may not agree with their beliefs you come to an understanding of why they hold those beliefs.

A video that I spliced together of Obama saying that we should invade Canada

Artie Vierkant is an artist who does work in a physical medium as well as on the internet. His video pieces challenge our idea of perception.

A series of gifs in which there is a photo with one or more objects in the scene spinning. Some have an eerie feel to them because there is only one part moving when it feels that multiple parts should also be in motion.


These pieces really give off a feeling of surrealism there is something moving what by no means should be. But there is also something smooth and relaxing about it. The feeling contained in both the constant circular motion and the repetition as there are so many of these pieces. These pieces are valid as internet art not just because they are gif and therefore are only able to exist online but also they contain a deeper meaning.  An idea of time and space and what is going on at once and the adding something 3 dimensional to something that is 2 dimension by.