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Although my art is far from being hyper-realism, I hope to, one day, be able to put the time and effort into making work like Emanuele Dascanio. He uses a wide range of lights and darks in his drawings to bring emphasis to certain points. Each part of the drawing, from the tone of the face to the tone of the shirt and hair, is completely different from the rest. This creates a piece of work that not only visually pleasing, but also allows the viewer to get lost in the drawing. My artwork does not have as much variation in tone, which is one thing that I need to work on. Also the level of detail that Emanuele puts into his drawings is astounding. This might be do to the fact that he uses a much larger sheet of paper than I do. Take a look at some of his great hyperrealism drawings here:


This a group of modified images taken from Facebook. most of these images depict a couple together with their arms around each other. by modifying and adding a “cartoony” elements to these images i have made an attempt to highlight the absurd and “cartoonish” aspects of the ritual that these individuals are partaking in (posting a photograph to the internet of them performing an intimate action). This format of Facebook photograph is extremely present on the site. ——
the images i have made are more of an exercise for me, and i wouldn’t consider them finished works, but i plan on using some of them in printmaking or collage.











Livestreamed because even when I managed to get it exported from the program, I still couldn’t manage how to upload it to the internet.

Krosfox Mission 01


Amber McDonald Illustration

This is my domain ~


She does all of her work with a sort of web cam aesthetic. However because it is purposeful and done with a specific idea in mind and critiques something in society it can be considered art. This is what separates it from the rest of the videos on the internet of girls dancing around their bedroom. It critiques the loss of privacy and how these people are giving up that privacy willingly to show on the internet.

Mr. Whaite

These are some of Mr. Whaite’s cinemagraphs which are depictions of movie posters that he had thought up. The interesting part of these gifs is that they actually look like they could potentially be neon signs.

Adam West Gifs

Here are some of Adam West’s Gifs that he made from different scenes in television shows. These are very interesting and can relate to Stanley Kubrick’s gifs because they both have scenes from shows and movies that we have seen which make them extremely interesting.

Stanley Kubrick Movie Gifs

Here is a link to some of Stanley Kubrick’s Gifs. These gifs are taken from different movies whether they are colored or black and white. They are very interesting because you’ve seen these movie scenes before and then they loop which changes the scene completely.

Jamie Beck’s Cinemagraphs

Jamie beck is a fashion photographer and has taken interest in doing cinemagraphs. These cinemagraphs are extremely interesting because of the extremely small movements that are made in them.

Minecraft Project

This is my video tour of the basketball arena i made in minecraft on