She is the artist who created the site i posted earlier (Art.Teleportacia) found it on so hopefully the link works


Pages In The Middle of Nowhere

Very interesting internet art gallery. You can travel anywhere in a background that seems endless.

so i found out about these guys a couple years back but as most things do they fell out of the hole in my brain. but, yesterday a friend of mine mentioned them again and i thought they would be a perfect thing to share with you guys. Just scroll through their website, and you will get the basic idea of what their about. Their stuff is fun, funny, yet kindof overwhelming/disturbing and their work maintains a playful, organic nature while still being very much digital looking. chek it.

Ullrich is a Berlin artist that juxtaposed kinetic sport pictures and relaxed sculpture images together.

That work seems to constantly challenge yet work together. The activeness of the athletes challenges the relaxed pose of the sculpture to become more kinetic when originally it is not meant to serve an active purpose. The same thing can be said vice versa.

This process of going through and picking out words from someone to construct your own thoughts or ideas is a very long process. However the way in which it is done is quite eyeopening. It gives you insight into that person in a way that watching or listening to that person over and over again can provide. Listening to someone for hours upon hours listening to how they talk and their mannerisms and although you may not agree with their beliefs you come to an understanding of why they hold those beliefs.

My Personal Blog


Inspired by a Rhizome article, Beyond the Surface: 15 Years of Desktop Aesthetics, here is a quick compilation of some of our desktops.  The desktop of a college student may be, unsurprisingly, a little cluttered.  From Rhizome:

A desktop is a changing record of visual decisions. It speaks to the aesthetics of a particular work-flow and personal space. A desktop exhibits a diagram of your organizational habits and a screenshot of it captures a brief moment of its functional evolution. The image of your desktop becomes an intimate self-portrait and the impulse to decode an unfamiliar desktop is unavoidable.


Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 9.22.28 AM

Though you guys might enjoy these patterns and websites by Frenchman now living and working in Canada, Nicolas Sassoon.

This is a little website i made to host a gif. For the aesthetic of the site i was inspired by my first website that i made when i was about 8. i

Favored bright background colors and colored fonts. This naive approach to site design, is something i am attracted to due to its relationship to outsider art.

The gif. was made using an image i took from Facebook of a couple girls performing the typical “Facebook Party Girl” ritual of posing for a photograph while wearing some average

party girl attire. I altered this photograph by morphing the forms and drawing on top of the image.